semicharmed (xsemixcharmedx) wrote in bft_rpg,

All right. XD;;

I'm starting the Moon Princess Ball today. As in, writing the introduction, sending it out, and starting play.

Anyone who is currently accepted may participate in the ball. However, Sailorvesta and Sailorjuno should not suddenly find out they're a sailor soldier and transform along with the others in order to kick names and take ass. They need to be civilians. The same goes with knights/other senshi that have been accepted, but do not appear until later arcs. And for god's sakes, if your character lives in Narnia/Oz/The Real World, then they're probably not going to be here, eh?

Er. Right.

Anyway, yeah. Thought everyone should know.

XD; No I'm not dead Robert, it's just that there hasn't been a really good spot for Sailorcommoneo to pop in yet. I've suggested to Mags a couple times that you two do your speculum senshi intro together, but we've both been insanely busy. Btw, do you have aim? XD;
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