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update, again

+We have a Sailorcommoneo now, her profile (along with all of the other new characters) will be on the new version of the site. The character is based on the Arthurian poem, the Lady of Shallot. The character is played by Robert, a good friend of mine from RNRPG. He'll also be playing an Ice Knight in the second season.

+Oh, and I wasn't sure if I was too vague with why I made the board. This is kinda like how the Angel Synthesis lj community was before they switched to message boards--we can all post ideas, BFT art (or just art you're really proud of), ask questions, so we won't have to be like "Omg why isn't that person online leik RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!@@@@!!!111oneonetwo"
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w00tage! More minions for Archos! XD Er...more nice new players! n.n; Welcomeness to Robert and such. n.n;

-Koi, the Cécile/Mars!mun and Archos!mun
WelcomenewpersonwhomIdon'tknowbutI'llsayhito. ... Hi.

Oo; I'm the Retarded Mermaid. Ari/Neptune. Yeah.

-- Nekoh.
*petpet* ;_; Did you go to the userinfo and click on the "Join the community" link? For we need the neko! WE LOVES TEH NEKO!


In all seriousness, though, love. Lots of love. Aye. Erm. Uh. ;;; Being quiet now. I'm a spazzie, honest. :D
Oh heyyyy guuys, loookitt.. >________>;;;

- The (also) Retarded Neko.
Hey, y'all I'm Robert AKA Sailor Commoneo AKA... Soon-To-Be-Evil-World-Dictator_Using_RPG_As_A_Means_To_Take_Over_The-WORLD. But you didn't hear that from me... uh...Boo. And this ends a very well thought out speech. I uh...lost? I'm wondering if the rpg is being silent or is it just me? or am I just not uh...Okay I just want to know if anything is going on.
:O :O :O It's just the LJ community. <3