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broken fairy tales
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in bft_rpg's LiveJournal:

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
9:12 pm

I'm new, my name is Maria. I joined as Sailornarnia. But only after a couple of 'complications', if you will. :X


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Monday, September 20th, 2004
12:41 pm
Well, my little turtledoves, I am leaving the nest.

On Friday I’ll be leaving for college in Portland. I won’t be moving into my dorm (which is secretly an apartment) until Tuesday, and I have not the slightest idea when I’ll be able to access the internet regularly. Those of your who I treasure and adore, I can call you on my cell if you give me your phone number (that is, if I don’t already have your number).

Obviously I will be on hiatus from all my RPGs for the indeterminate period of time. If you must e-mail me, use digitalxsushix@hotmail.com. I’m hoping this won’t take longer than three weeks, but mum hasn’t ordered me a computer yet.

Broken Fairy Tales People:
Would some people volunteer to play Alice, Dido and Alex if absolutely needed? Thank you.

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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
6:33 pm
Hi hi!

Just a quick post to say hello to everyone. :3 My name is Sally and I was recently accepted as Templeton, your Itsy Bitsy Spider Knight. :D

BFT looks awesome. Props to everyone involved.

Much <3,


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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
10:13 pm
happy birthday bft!
This Monday is BFT's very first birthday. It's amazing how fast that year went by, eh? Through the RPG I've met a lot of new friends, found some old friends, and I feel like I've gotten closer to each and every one of you. n_n And so, with that; happy birthday broken fairy tales, and many happy returns of the day. n_n

Since I'm going to be out of town for most of the weekend, and when I come back I will more than likely be very grouchy and exhausted, I decided I would post this:

yes, that is tsian with a huge pink bow on his head.

Anyway, hope everyone is having fun (and getting close to summer vacation! whee!)


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Friday, January 1st, 1999
12:09 pm
okay, so:

gena's compie has died much. i'm on old faithful (ie the really really really old compie with kickass external modem), so I am able to chat, answer questions about BFT, and post.

However, Genana cannot work on the BFT website and/or her numerous profiles (this goes for other RPGS, not just Gena's) until she gets her compie fixed, and that is dependant on the Will of God. (Actually, it depends on if Gena can scrounge around for money.)

In any case, this is my lame excuse for why Gena has not been productive as of...yesterday. n_n in any case...

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:56 pm
All right. XD;;

I'm starting the Moon Princess Ball today. As in, writing the introduction, sending it out, and starting play.

Anyone who is currently accepted may participate in the ball. However, Sailorvesta and Sailorjuno should not suddenly find out they're a sailor soldier and transform along with the others in order to kick names and take ass. They need to be civilians. The same goes with knights/other senshi that have been accepted, but do not appear until later arcs. And for god's sakes, if your character lives in Narnia/Oz/The Real World, then they're probably not going to be here, eh?

Er. Right.

Anyway, yeah. Thought everyone should know.

XD; No I'm not dead Robert, it's just that there hasn't been a really good spot for Sailorcommoneo to pop in yet. I've suggested to Mags a couple times that you two do your speculum senshi intro together, but we've both been insanely busy. Btw, do you have aim? XD;

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
11:32 pm
update, again

+We have a Sailorcommoneo now, her profile (along with all of the other new characters) will be on the new version of the site. The character is based on the Arthurian poem, the Lady of Shallot. The character is played by Robert, a good friend of mine from RNRPG. He'll also be playing an Ice Knight in the second season.

+Oh, and I wasn't sure if I was too vague with why I made the board. This is kinda like how the Angel Synthesis lj community was before they switched to message boards--we can all post ideas, BFT art (or just art you're really proud of), ask questions, so we won't have to be like "Omg why isn't that person online leik RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!@@@@!!!111oneonetwo"

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Friday, January 2nd, 2004
6:29 pm
greetings kiddies
ahahaha...carrot beat me to posting. XD

anyways. here is zis lurvely bft journal thingy, y0! everyone join it now. >> you know you want to. i made it so i don't have to do those bigass emails to everyone explaining what the heck i'm doing nowadays.

speaking of which, this is what's going on with bft right now:

-i am working on a new version of the site. it's gonna take a while still, i think, because i'm running out of vacation time here and i still have lots and lots of things to do. the actual design is finished, it's the content that i'm writing up and htmling. if you'd like to help (like the oh so gracious sushi who is handling the gallery, and the wonderful neko who htmled a lot of the new profiles for me), pleeeease lemme know. everyone should know my aim name! if not, what rock have you been living under??!?!

-sushi, jeffu and i am almost done with the jabberwock's info. that means there is still icabod crane's introduction to write, and the part where they run into wolf before we can get to the moon princess arc.

-if anyone's got ideas for songs for a BFT soundtrack, lemme know. don't include people's theme songs, thats for individual soundtrack thangs. we're talking about just general songs that fit the game, preferably in every language BUT japanese kthnx.
so far, the songs i've got in mind are
+tragic kingdom, by no doubt
+wishing on a star, the uncut tenth kingdom opening, by the cover girls
+brave new world, by ironmaiden
+dream a dream, by captain jack

i think that's all of my updates right now. anyway, i'm off to read a tale of two cities, a book i should have read two weeks ago, but i was too busy working on BFT. figures.

Current Mood: accomplished

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